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Finally, after a couple of a few hardworking and pre planned months of development and design, we're pleased to announce our new website!

After a few years of honourable service, our old website has retired and made way for our new website, with the new design helping all of our clients navigate easy throughout the website making it possible to view all of our services and pricing. With what started out as quite a complex set of requirements, we broke-down every aspect of the specification, and built a website which we hope, will last for many years.

Think we can improve? Feel free to contact us on info@qualitools.co.za and we will look into the prospective idea. .

We are pleased to offer you powerful tools that will help you access information quickly and efficiently.From this client zone you can order your products online, view our latest specials and so much more.

Easy to Use: Click on order now, you will then go to the online ordering shop where you can view products with images.

Get Notified: Once you have placed your order, you can now go online and see what the status of your order is.

Responsive: You can now complete order on different platforms such as cell phones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Support: You will now have more support, if you get stuck or have any problems please use the assistance button to send us an email.

Pre-Order: You can now pre-order your next order using the "pre-order" icon, once you are happy with your pre-order you can add it to your basket.

Update Details: You can now change you address or any details online on the system, we will then capture your next invoice with the correct details.